Two Egors & Max.Petryaev


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“Dva Egora” (Two Egors) – an acoustic duo from Vologda, Russia.

The band was formed in 2015 and started their musical way in a small Russian Northern town called Vologda. Their genre may be called “acoustics about life” and their main principle is “fun about sadness and happiness”. They try to combine irony and melancholy in every song, but there are only a guitar, a flute and a voice on a stage – it’s all as honest as possible.

Their debut album “I don’t write beautiful songs” was released in February, 2016 and became one of the most popular music in their native region. They were on tour “Gestalt” in 2016 and performed in many Russian cities. Nowadays, the band is working on the second LP.



Dva Egora are:

Egor Efremov – vocal, flute

Egor Kondratyev – guitar, vocal

Sprache: Englisch




Max.Petryaev – a mucial band from Vologda, Russia

“Max.Petryaev” was formed in 2013 in Vologda as a studio project only. Mastermind, Maksim Petryaev is the main author of the band and his lyrics are full of freedom’s spirit and words of a wise man.

In 2014 th band released their debut album “Muzyka. Skachat. Besplatno” (“Music. Download. Free”) and then started to perform.

The band performed on “Voices” film festival on the same stage with Naik Borzov and since then “Max. Petryaev” is a frequen guest on a local stage.



Max.Petryaev are :

Maksim Petryaev – vocal, guitar

Dmitry Romanov - guitar